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How do I become an authorized lubricant dealer?

  1. All potential dealers must meet the following requirements.
  2. The potential distributor must send us the list of required documents by e-mail to our staff. A company which is going to obtain status of authorized distributor should provide the following documents: Potential distributor’s questionnaire officially stamped and signed by general director (scan). Scan of initiative letter officially stamped and signed by general director. Monthly projected volume of purchases (in tons) divided by market segments (PVL, CVL, IND). 
  3. The decision to assign the status of Authorized Distributor will be made by the Distribution Committee of IPT INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM TRADING LTD. 
  4. The allocation of the status of the distributor will be considered by the distribution committee no less than once a month. 
  5. The representative of a potential representative may be invited to the meeting of the distribution committee. 
  6. The final decision of the committee will be sent to your e-mail (indicated in the questionnaire).
  7. . If becoming an Authorized Distributor, the set of documents should be made available to begin a contract.

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